BEAR Canine and Equine Therapy & Training

Taking a different, Holistic approach to dog training
Post Injury or Operation Therapies
Well being and Maintenance Therapy Sessions
Animal Communication.

Meet The Team .

The staff is made up of one human and several canines! Here is a little about us.

Alex Butler.

I grew up in a small town in South Devon and surrounded myself with dogs and horses. Between 1991-2001 we 'Puppy Walked' for the Guide Dogs for the blind Association, getting involved in many charity events to help them, I also cared for and rode a 14hh Grey Gelding called Benji. After gaining A-Levels in Physics, Chemistry and Maths, I was awarded a Scholarship to study Physics with Astrophysics at Aberystwyth University. Whilst there I cared for and rode two horses, Scooby a 15hh Welsh Cob and BB a 15hh, very naughty, Gelding. I also ran a dog walking business, meeting and learning about a lot of different breeds. After gaining my Honours degree I moved to Gloucestershire and joined Gloucestershire Constabulary. After 2 years I attained the rank of Sergeant and completed 10 years front line policing covering areas all over Gloucestershire being stationed at Cinderford, Gloucester City, Barton Street, Stroud and Cheltenham. In 2006 I attended the University of Gloucestershire to study Psychology as a distance learner and attained a certificate of higher education. In 2008 I launched BEAR Search Dogs, Training and Deploying Trailing and Cadaver Dogs to assist in the search for missing persons. With many successful deployments and seeing how hard dogs' will work I started looking at ways to help our working companions. In 2013 I left the Police and launched BEAR Boarding kennels. Whilst working all hours of the day (and night sometimes) to build the kennels and entertain the resident dogs I decided it was time to start learning new skills for animal therapy. Well I needed something to do in the 25th hour of the day. In January 2014 I began on my Reiki journey and attained my first degree Reiki, attaining my second degree Reiki in April 2014 and my Reiki Master in December 2014. In March 2014 I attained my Merishia Massage certificate for canine and equine massage, being then further qualified in advanced massage techniques in May 2014. I am also qualified to use healing tools in all my treatments which range from Crystals to Singing Bowls to Tuning Forks. I have also received a certificate of completion for a Quantum Touch course and have taken my part one Acupoint course. I am studying for my ABC level three qualification in Hydrotherapy for small animals. One of the most interesting courses I have attended is Animal Communication, with each communication I carry out with an animal I realise how wrongly we understand them and how much we miss out on. I furthered this learning and gained a diploma in animal communication in October 2015 and now teach the subject through Rose Therapies in Oxfordshire alongside "Safer Canine Handling" and "Using Crystals for Trauma Healing on Animals". I use animal communication in every part of my working and leisure day now and find it is integral to not only helping the animals who come to the unit, but also to deepen the bond with my own canine companions. I also completed a Diploma with distinction in Acupressure in October 2015 and a Diploma in Crystal healing in Jan 2016. In October 2015 I began my journey in Zoo pharmacology with a 12 month course. I have plans to continue to develop my healing knowledge with other avenues to be able to offer more therapies to help animals heal, understand and rebuild.

The Dogs.

We have plenty of Dogs who work with us here, either as stooge dogs, assisted learning dogs or C&HEB (Canine and Human Energy Balancing) Dogs. Each bring their own special unique qualities to our training and therapy sessions and each help in their own powerful way. Most of these dogs are second chance dogs and rescues, or fell into the "No one wants them" category. They have all found their place here and when not working or training for their role in the business they are running and having fun in the countryside surrounding the kennels. They have most certainly moved on from the "Dog that no one wanted" status!.