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Here is some of the work we have carried out:


Theseus - Mega Oesophagus

Theseus is a Great Swiss Mountain Dog and he came to the unit at 7.5 weeks old with a condition called Mega Oesophagus (ME). This is where the throat muscles do not work and so the carriage of food to the stomach is compromised. Providing the food can pass clearly to the stomach dogs can lead a normal life, this is mainly done by having the dog sit upright after feeding for up to 30 minutes. Should the food not pass to the stomach the dog can regurgitate the food or it can sit in the oesophagus. Regurgitation can cause Aspirational Pneumonia if vapours are inhaled and stagnant food can become noxious.

ME has very little research and so it is an idiopathic (unknown cause) condition.

Theseus entered the unit with the intention of helping this disorder and causing the muscles to begin to work.

He had a program of three times daily treatments of Reiki, Acupressure, Emotional Stress Release and Trauma Release through DNA Repair.

After 6 weeks of treatment Theseus was eating his food from an elevated position with no regurgitation, and is continuing to show no signs of the condition returning.


Hera - Twisted Femurs and Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD).

Hera is a Great Swiss Mountain Dog who joined the unit at 4.5 months. She was over weight and extremely under developed on her rear end with badly splayed front paws. After a vet exam it was found that she had twisted femurs and OCD in both knees. The twisted femurs were likely caused by her developing legs not being able to support her weight dues to lack of muscles and the OCD could have been genetic or from an early puppy hood trauma. Hera was put straight on a program which involved correct nutrition, Reiki, Reflexolgy, correct ground work exercise, Hydrotherapy and Acupressure. After three months Hera is the correct weight and shape, she has built up enough muscles in her rear end to support her correctly. Her femurs are realigned and her OCD is controlled and not causing pain so will not require surgery. Her front paws are more upright making her gait more even and comfortable.
Initial assessment:
Final result:
(More videos can be found on you tube channel 'BEAR Boarding Kennels')

Dog Aggression

Dog Aggression.

This Spaniel entered the unit with dog aggression and could not let another dog near him. If another dog passed his kennel he would bark aggressively and if he passed another dog in a kennel he would go to try and attack them. This manifested itself to transferred aggression and he bit a handler whilst being walked past a kennel and trying to attack the dogs inside the kennel.
He received Reiki, Emotional Stress Release and Trauma Release sessions along with extensive animal communication sessions and energy balancing with the C&HEB Dogs
After a two month period he was able to pass another kennel with a dog in it and remain calm and was also able to allow dogs to pass his kennels without trying to attack them. He was then able to be out with another dog and even tried to play with them.
Initial assessment:
Final result: and and